Lisman Studio Interior Design's Tower Abacus Installationby  TRI-KES 

December 13, 2017 |

Belle Kurudzija and Emily Hatfield of Lisman Studio Interior Design in Salt Lake City, Utah sent us these photos (courtesy of Lucy Call with Lucy Call Photography) of a recent project they completed for The Ridge Apartments in Sandy, Utah. As shown in the photos, Tower's Abacus (T2-AB-03) wallcovering is installed in the lobby of the apartment leasing office. According to Belle, they were inspired to add an element to break up all of the ridged edges and needed something in the space that would allow all the pendants to have a purpose in the space.   


Stacy Garcia's Color Crush: Porciniby  Stacy Garcia 

December 7, 2017 |

Cultivated and cozy, Porcini is a versatile tone that makes any space feel like home. Creating a calming and approachable feel, this delicate neutral adds subtle depth to your interiors. We see the emergence of Porcini as color transitions away from cool grays and moves into warmer neutrals.

A timeless and practical color, Porcini pairs well with other neutral design elements, balancing your space. Use Porcini to add a soft touch in a mix of masculine components like wood, furs and metals. This blend of color and material is great way create a warm environment for the cold winter months.

Stacy Garcia Textile, Jazz Age


TRI-KES Continues Environmental Commitmentby  TRI-KES 

November 29, 2017 |

At TRI-KES, we are committed to diverting waste by reusing or recycling wherever possible. Most recently, we've taken 21 boxes of our company's archived documents, as well as boxes of personal documents from our individual team members here at TRI-KES, and handed them over to a data shredding company to be shredded and then sent to a paper mill to be recycled. Our ultimate goal is to continue to digitize our processes more and more every year to reduce the amount of paper we use on an annual basis, and we were happy to see we reduced the paper we needed to recycle by 18 boxes compared to last year.

Thanks to our Waste Reduction Recycle Reuse program, we are diverting more waste than ever. It's amazing how implementing a few simple and easy steps can impact the environment such as...   

~ We work with customers to recycle existing Type II vinyl wallcovering on job sites rather than sending that material to the landfill.
~ Our return sample program encourages unneeded wallcovering memo...


Boutique Design New York 2017by  TRI-KES 

November 17, 2017 |

TRI-KES was proud to once again participate in Boutique Design New York (BDNY), held in the Jacobs Javits center in mid-town Manhattan November 12-13. Now in its eighth year, BDNY is the leading trade fair and conference for the hospitality design industry.

The TRI-KES booth featured a vast array of our latest wallcoverings and fabrics from collections such as Lanark, Source One, Stacy Garcia, Studio Source, Tower and Versa displayed throughout our booth for attendees to peruse.

Our booth also featured the TRI-KES Virtual Reality (VR) experience, where we launched an exciting update to our TRI-KES VR app, which now includes some of our latest products being launched into the market. With the help of our customized TRI-KES Google Cardboard handouts, attendees were able to escape into another dimension and see our wallcoverings and fabrics truly come to life.


Overall, it was a very busy two days wherein we met many old friends and made several new ones as well. We look...


TRI-KES Virtual Reality App Updatedby  TRI-KES 

November 15, 2017 |

We recently launched an exciting new update to our TRI-KES VR (virtual reality) app, which now features some of our latest products being launched into the market. If you have a VR headset handy, such as Google Cardboard, then you'll be able to see our wallcoverings and fabrics truly come to life. No headset? No worries! Our new app is still fun to play around with, allowing you to take a closer look at our new wallcoverings and fabrics installed, enjoy the 360° views, and even experience teleporting from one side of the room to another, or from upstairs to downstairs. 

Visit to download the app. It is compatible with most Apple or Android phones and tablets. And check out a short preview video of our app along with some helpful tips.