Introducing Glist & Plantation from Source One Naturalsby  TRI-KES 

March 22, 2017 |

Our two newest designs from the Source One Naturals collection, Glist and Plantation, both feature interesting weaves that create a unique, natural design. Glist (featured above) is a horizontal mica design inlaid with twine to create a high-end crushed-stone effect, while Plantation (featured below) is a woven banana-bark design with an inlaid-wood look. 

Our Source One Naturals collection features a variety of unique, natural looks, including designs constructed of bamboo, burlap, cellulose, cork, jute, mica, natural leaves, paper weaves, rushcloth, silk and sisal. In addition, most of these items are biodegradable and rapidly renewable. If you're looking for natural product, you are bound to find what you're looking for in Source One Naturals.


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