Stacy Garcia Trend Story: Techni-Chromeby  Stacy Garcia 

September 13, 2017 |

With the growth of technology and the development of advanced machinery such as laser cutters and 3D printers, many industries have evolved their skill sets and practices. Structural materials are easily made softer and more flexible for use in fashion as well as interior design. Complicated structures and small architectural models with precise detailing can be executed within a matter of hours and with little effort. Through this mechanical evolution, the intense contrast of Techni-Chrome is born. Comprised of architectural lines and exoskeleton-like forms, Techni-Chrome harmoniously blends monochromatic cool and warm charcoals, blue greys, off-white, and muted browns.

Stacy Garcia Textile, Symmetry                                          Stacy Garcia Wallcovering, Diamond Shine Premier

Experiment with the color combinations below to capture the Techni-Chrome look!

This palette keeps us cool and collected with its blend of slate greys highlighted by natural linen and anchored with true black.

Transition from neutral cream colors to deeper, striking hues with this palette.

This peaceful palette finds balance through its soft, muted tones.


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