Stacy Garcia Trend Story: Curious Consumerby  Stacy Garcia 

July 19, 2017 |

As the faint scent of sawdust lingers in the air and the soft sound of a sewing machine runs in the distance, the Curious Consumer explores the artisan’s studio. With strong influences derived from the Maker’s Movement, the Curious Consumer appreciates authentic, handmade and uniquely original designs. They value quality over quantity as each element is created by an impeccably skilled Craftsman.

Immersing themselves within the story behind each piece, the Curious Consumer questions the origin of the product and how it was produced, which in turn gives the owner the ability to connect to the creator on a more personal level. Such crafted products are increasingly sought after because they possess the thumbprint of the artist, capturing the essence of their expertise and dedication to their mastery.

A trend driven by materials and technique, the Curious Consumer palette is deeply rooted in the natural colors of warm woods and cool concretes paired with the muted hues of organic dyes and sandy, sun-bleached fibers. Product shown in feature photo (upper left corner): Stacy Garcia, Aviary – SG2840 Rosewood.

Experiment with the color combinations below to capture the Curious Consumer look!

This bold palette stands out from the rest. The warm honey is complemented by the khaki and playful dash of bright blue, along with the deep charcoal that anchors this palette.

This transitional palette bring us from soft to striking with the contrasting hues of organic cotton, mauve, deep charcoal and bright blue.

The comfortable feel of this palette gives us a sense of peace with its soft organic cotton, light sage and fresh mint.


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