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We are passionately committed to making a difference and that is why we are determined to have zero environmental impact by 2020.

Environmental Guidelines

TRI-KES is an environmentally responsible company. We value environmental stewardship in all our team members. The guidelines we have set commit us to minimize the impacts of our operations and the use of our products making the internal and external built environment healthier, more sustainable and more responsive to the natural environment.

  • We will set and review environmental objectives and targets for TRI-KES within the framework of a documented, implemented and effectively communicated program.
  • We will commit to continual improvement of our environmental management system.
  • We will strive to maintain compliance with relevant environmental regulations and legislation.
  • We will work towards pollution prevention and resource conservation in our operations.
  • We will commit to educational and construction community activities to increase environmental awareness of our team, our clients, and the construction community.
  • We will promote the development of an environmentally responsible workplace and endeavor to support other organizations that have demonstrated environmentally responsible practices and goals.

Environmental Management Objectives, Targets & Results

Digital Communication

Objective: TRI-KES digitizes internally whenever possible to reduce the use of paper.

2018 Target: Reduce the use of paper by an additional 2% or 5,200 pages.


2017 Result: Reduced the use of paper in the key areas identified by 61.0% or 448,083 pages.

Hybrid Vehicles

Objective: Convert TRI-KES company vehicles to hybrids to help conserve natural resources and reduce air emissions. Encourage team members who are paid car allowances to convert to hybrid vehicles by offering a $1,500 incentive.

2018 Target: Convert all new company vehicles to hybrids and encourage team members who are paid a car allowance to convert to a hybrid by offering a $1,500 hybrid purchase credit.


2017 Result: Converted 88.9% company vehicles to hybrids resulting in a savings of 10,772 gallons of fuel.

Environmental Awareness

Objective: TRI-KES proactively presents environmental product information for all of our products in all of our communication with our customers.

2018 Target: Increase our environmental communication by an additional 0.5%.


2017 Result: 74.6% of all of our communication includes an environmental message.

Waste Reduction Recycle Reuse

Objective: TRI-KES diverts waste by reusing or recycling wherever possible in our facility and elsewhere. For example, we work with our customers to recycle existing vinyl wallcovering on job sites rather than sending that material to the landfill. Also, all wallcovering memo samples can be returned to TRI-KES free of charge to be recycled. Recycling this material helps to contribute to LEED MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management.

2018 Target: Maintain the amount of waste from our facility to the landfill while increasing sales. Increase sample returns from customers to average 1.0 per day. Reduce sampling footprint by weight measure.


2017 Result: We reduced the amount of waste from our facility to the landfill by 55.6% since 2009. In 2017, we maintained our level while increasing sales over 10%. Sample returns from customers averaged 0.82 per day.

Environmental Labeling

Objective: We have implemented an environmental labeling system, which involves a list sent out with every sample that details the environmental attributes of that product. As part of our Environmental Labeling program, TRI-KES will mark all sample containers that leave our warehouse with a carbon neutral logo, providing you peace of mind that all of the samples you receive truly are shipped carbon neutral.

2018 Target: Continue to ensure 100% of samples sent from TRI-KES’ facility contain environmental labeling. 


2017 Result: 100% of samples that left TRI-KES’ facility were labeled appropriately with environmental information and began sending environmental information via email with each sample request.

Web-based Sales

Objective: With a few simple clicks, customers can review and order samples online on our website.

2017 Target: Continue to add 100% of products introduced to the website and continue to increase website traffic by 5%.


2017 Result: 100% of the products introduced in 2017 were added to our website, as well as 5 blogs featuring sustainability. The overall visitor traffic to our website has increased by 4.5%

Freight Carriers Environmental Statements

Objective: Maximize carbon neutral shipping with our primary freight carrier, UPS.

2018 Target: Continue to ship all freight from our facility as carbon neutral and continue to expand the program by working with UPS.


2017 Result: All shipments from our facility and a high percentage of third party shipments were carbon neutral mitigating 655.8 metric tonnes of CO2 which represents a 32% increase over 2014.

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