the hatchery

Iconic design starts with inspired spaces.

Welcome to The Hatchery, TRI-KES’ product curation and marketing center. The Hatchery is where thought leadership innovates with creativity, bringing you the latest in wallcoverings and fabrics.

You can take a brief tour below and make sure to come back again soon to check out more of The Hatchery. This is just a glimpse. There is nothing better than seeing beautiful wallcoverings and fabrics installed, especially in such an inspiring workspace. 

Stools: Elle, UHSY-EL-05, UHSY-EL-07 | Wall Boards: Paris, UHH-PS-8 | Wallcovering: L2-LY-16

Ottoman Side: Galaxy, UHM-GX-07 | Ottoman Top: Harris, UHN-HR-02 | Chair: Jargon, UHC-JR-04
Wallcovering: Virtuoso, Z52250VR

The space is intentionally designed to foster creativity and comfort with cozy meeting nooks and breakroom sweets.

Wallcovering: Mardi Gras, 2VMG-05

The Hatchery features unique cable railing staircases, original exposed concrete floors, and a color-correct, high-efficiency lighting system with integrated daylight harvesting.

Wallcovering (upstairs): Herrington, 2VHR-09 | Wallcovering (downstairs): Selenite, 2VSX-06

It is amazing when you look back at the transformation of our 1970s commercial building. When renovating, our focus was to recycle and reclaim everything possible that made sense. We even restored the original concrete floors and the unique architecture of the ceiling. It has truly given our space character and it’s in keeping with our values of environmental stewardship.


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