the hatchery

Iconic design starts with inspired spaces.

Welcome to The Hatchery, TRI-KES’ product curation and marketing center. The Hatchery is where thought leadership innovates with creativity, bringing you the latest in wallcoverings and fabrics.

You can take a brief tour below and make sure to come back again soon to check out more of The Hatchery. This is just a glimpse. There is nothing better than seeing beautiful wallcoverings and fabrics installed, especially in such an inspiring workspace. 

Stools: Elle, UHSY-EL-05, UHSY-EL-07 | Wall Boards: Paris, UHH-PS-8 | Wallcovering: L2-LY-16

Ottoman Side: Galaxy, UHM-GX-07 | Ottoman Top: Harris, UHN-HR-02 | Chair: Jargon, UHC-JR-04
Wallcovering: Virtuoso, Z52250VR

The space is intentionally designed to foster creativity and comfort with cozy meeting nooks and breakroom sweets.

Wallcovering: Mardi Gras, 2VMG-05


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