A Taste of TRI-KES at HD 2015by  TRI-KES 

May 15, 2015 |

Greetings from Las Vegas! What are the possibilities when you repurpose an old shipping container? In the U.S. we see them used as a hip new restaurant, hotel or boutique. And at HD Expo 2015, TRI-KES repurposed a container for its tradeshow display. It is amazing to realize in other countries though, such as South Africa, shipping containers provide practical, social solutions to aid in providing basic human needs like medical care. That’s the story TRI-KES is sharing at HD, reminding us that these containers hold a larger story in the spirit of giving. For further details on how TRI-KES will outfit two shipping containers for medical use in South Africa, see our previous blog post.

We've enjoyed having you, our customers, stop by for a taste of what TRI-KES has to offer. Below is a healthy sampling of our award winning booth at the HD Expo. TRI-KES was honored to receive the award for Most Effective Use of Space.  Check it out below.

Here's a preview of new introductions coming out later this summer.

Hive by Stacy Garcia

Draper by Studio Source

Paris,  Source One Upholstery

Sydney, Source One Upholstery

Harris, Source One Upholstery

Pierre, Source One Upholstery

Coco, Source One Upholstery

Klipps, Source One Upholstery

Iconic, Source One Upholstery

Nordic, Source One Upholstery


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