Explore Source One Exclusive's Evaporate Wallcovering Seriesby  TRI-KES 

January 10, 2019 |

We would like to invite you to explore the Evaporate series, our new collection of coordinating Type II and Performance designs that can be ordered together or on their own to create a custom look.

The entire Evaporate design is available as a 9-foot panel that "evaporates" from a continuous geometric print to a solid ground. These 9-foot panels are printed and delivered on continuous rolls, and taller panels are available on a custom basis.

Both the ground and geometric print of the Evaporate design are also available for order on their own or as coordinates to the Evaporate panel. The ground material looks great as a stand-alone solid pattern, and the continuous geometric print creates a contemporary-looking geometry design.

Evaporate Panel Options
Type II: Evaporate Cirrus Panel (3 colors)
Performance: Evaporate Stratus Panel (2 colors)

Evaporate Ground Options
Type II: Evaporate Cirrus (3 colors)
Performance: Evaporate Stratus (2 colors)

Evaporate Geometric Print Options
Type II: Evaporate Cirrus Geometric (3 colors)
Performance: Evaporate Stratus Geometric (2 colors) 


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