Featured Collection: Source One Handcraftedby  TRI-KES 

July 10, 2013 |

Handcrafted products have always been a popular choice as they offer a brand of originality and authenticity that can only be found at the hands of a skilled artisan. With this in mind, we'd like to take a moment to highlight our Source One Handcrafted Collection, which is full of unique, handmade wallcoverings that are made to order. Scroll down below for a sample of some of our most popular patterns. Click here to view our entire Handcrafted collection.

Circle Dance is a stylized graphical interpretation of an endless knot pattern commonly associated with Celtic art. Easy on the eye, yet stimulating to look at, this pattern creates a beautiful allover design for the 21st century. Use Circle Dance with its coordinate, Dance, to create a look of refined sophistication with a subtle yet scintillating effect.

Corinthia was inspired by a photo of an old Roman temple with fluted columns. This versatile design is highlighted with a metallic sheen and can read as somewhat of an allover texture from a distance and as a stripe up close.

A photo of the distressed, ribbed columns of an ancient Greek temple was the inspiration behind the pattern Olympus. These columns, carved from stone and withstanding the ravages of time and weather, are a fundamental architectural staple that has lasted for thousands of years. With its classic beauty and simplicity, the look of this design element is timeless. 

Rhythmus was inspired by sea urchin shells, where rows of graduated dots once held radiating spines used for protection from predators. These rows of dots go around the shells in a kind of up and down rhythmic pattern. It is biomimicry in its simplest form, giving us a lovely design to enhance the look of any interior space.

Inspired by the flowing, graceful lines that can be found in nature among vines, streams and rivers, Seriphia is a dimensional, calligraphic design that has been seen in design movements such as Rococo, Art Nouveau and late 20th Century decorative arts and architecture.

Like an impressionistic version of a rich and deeply woven regal fabric, Waycross draws the eye to its look of splendor and luxury. It envelops you in its depth and warmth and provides a perfect backdrop to highlight all the furnishings set before it. A tour de force of handcrafting abilities achieves this magnificent art to embellish any space.



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