Featuring Antares, Elevation, Galaxy, Opulence, Sparks Romanzo & Vega ~ New Upholstery from Source Oneby  TRI-KES 

September 21, 2017 |

Source One recently introduced six great-looking new upholstery patterns, including a linen weave, two unique geometrics, a shagreen look, a shimmering textile and a stitched-leather design. Scroll down below to check out each of these new upholstery patterns for yourself.

Elevation is a transitional geometric design that is a combination of both a needlepoint and a chenille weave.

Antares features a classic linen weave.

Galaxy features a kaleidoscopic, fractured geometric.

Opulence is a shagreen interpretation with a metallic/pearlescent quality in many of the colors.

Sparks Romanzo
Sparks Romanzo is a subtle, shimmering textile.

Vega is a classic stitched-leather design reminiscent of a Chanel handbag.


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