Featuring Our Latest Exclusive Type II Wallcoveringsby  TRI-KES 

October 3, 2018 |

We recently introduced quite a few Type II vinyl wallcovering patterns into our Source One Exclusive collection, including an extra-large-scale digital mural alternative, a stenciled geometric with a coordinating silk, a string-art effect, a marquetry design, a paper-weave emboss, and a marbling look. Scroll down below to check out each of these new wallcoverings.

Designed as an extra-large-scale digital mural alternative, Astray is a screen-printed pattern that features varying weights of bold linework that crisscross to create the illusion of no repeat.

Calabria Silhouette
Calabria Silhouette features a silk base with a stenciled geometric print on top. The name Calabria is taken from the Italian city of the same name that is known for its trade of fine silks.

Calabria Silk
Calabria Silk features a silk effect with a soft horizontal that gives the illusion of a natural, multicolor silk with a subtle gradation of color.

Dreamweaver's refined linework creates an interesting macramé or string-art effect, giving this pattern a true cultural flavor.

Ochroma is a medium-scale design inspired by marquetry.

Rebellion features a refined paper-weave emboss merged with a stria print and highlighted with a metallic wash to create a sophisticated, usable textile effect.

String Theory
The illusion of silken threads floating aloft a watery surface, String Theory merges artistry and marbling to create a signature pattern.


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