Happy Halloween!!!by  TRI-KES 

October 31, 2017 |

From all of us at TRI-KES, we hope you have a SPOOKtacular Halloween! Scroll down below to see some of our own TRI-KES team members in their creative costumes including a circus ring master, Elton John, a jellyfish, Storm from X-Men, Super Prego, Bob Ross, Spike, Pennywise from It, Ursula from the Little Mermaid, a New York City Rockette, the Chiquita Banana lady, a monster under the bed, the Fonz from Happy Days, a jack-o-lantern, Jigsaw from Saw, Mr. Creepy, the ghost emoji, Minnie Mouse, Forrest Gump, Deadpool, the office clown, a tin soldier, bubblegum, a banana, the bearded lady, Luigi, a Pink Lady from Grease, a runaway bride, Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter, the evil witch from Snow White, a troll, a pregnant skeleton and a quidditch player from team Gryffindor of Harry Potter.




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