Introducing the Lanark Vault Collectionby  TRI-KES 

February 1, 2018 |

We are excited to introduce Lanark Vault. This upscale collection of embossed Type II vinyl wallcoverings has drawn its inspiration from couture fashion, textiles, art, architecture and period design. Scroll down below to learn more about each of the 13 patterns included in the initial release of this collection and keep an eye out, because more great new patterns will be added to Vault soon!

Atlas features a vertical, linear embossing with streamlined edges.

Avant is an Art-Deco inspired texture that is also reminiscent of parquet layering.

Belvedere has the look of a vertical, pleated silk with a subtle multicolor effect.

Bentley is comprised of planks and columns to create a sleek, cylindrical effect.

Cleo combines pinwheels and embroidery to create a couture-inspired embossing.

Fractal features a clean, simple, fractured texture.

Like a perfectly fit suit, Harrison is a crisp interpretation of an elegant textile.

Inspired by the famed New York City park, our Highline pattern is an interconnected, modern urban design.

Named after the famous fishing village in southern Italy, Portofino is inspired by the flax fibers of a traditional linen fabric.

Rex is a minimalist and modern twist on a geometric textile.

Rivoli features a sleek, horizontal emboss where the planes connect with modernistic precision.

Surf is an ocean-inspired pattern that creates a horizontal, undulating texture on the wall.

Uffizi is a multifaceted design that creates sharp edges and angles that are reminiscent of Italian mosaics.


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