On Trend Today with Lanark's Kathy Wisniski: Sierraby  Kathy Wisniski 

January 10, 2018 |

The Sierra Nevada mountain range in the Western United States is a very rugged, rocky and imposing expanse of land. Petrified for over a hundred million years, these noble ridge-lines are naturally rough hewn and beautifully weather beaten. A grand structure across the sky, these majestic granite peaks were sculpted by erosion and eventually exposed by glaciers. Full of earthiness and irregularity, our Sierra wallcovering design is just as textural, striking and singular. By combining a hand-painted texture with a fine woodgrain, I was able to create a tectonic-like texture filled with fault blocks, basins and waterfalls. Brushed edges blend with fringe contours, creating liveliness and zest. Timber inspired and radiant with dazzling life, our Sierra design is a wildwood wilderness come to life. A cliff-like composition that is graceful, intense and robust.

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