Stacy Garcia's Color Crush: Blue Printby  Stacy Garcia 

January 18, 2018 |

Through the chill of winter comes Blue Print, a calming, celestial hue. Surround yourself with Blue Print to create a relaxing retreat. Blue Print is on the rise through the revival of the time-honored Japanese craft, Shibori, a technique of dyeing and embellishing textiles. A softer tint of the customary indigo, the prominent pigment in this popular art method, soothing Blue Print exudes tradition.

As a chameleon-like hue, Blue Print can either be the center of attention or it can act as a neutral, depending what it’s paired with. If your goal is to create a restful and calming space, pair Blue Print with muted wood finishes with warm undertones. For a sophisticated and timeless look, pair Blue Print with crisp white and lustrous metal accents to allow this hue to shine without overwhelming the space.

Stacy Garcia Textile, Prado


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