TRI-KES Sends Off Samples for Second-Lookby  TRI-KES 

December 15, 2010 |

As you can see from these photos, TRI-KES recently sent Second-Look six large containers of vinyl wallcovering memo samples to be used in the Second-Look Reclamation program. These memo samples included both discontinued product as well as samples that were returned from customers like you through our Return Samples program. We try to reuse as many returned samples as possible, however sometimes for one reason or another we cannot. In those cases, we recycle them into new Second-Look wallcovering instead. Second-Look contains a minimum of 20% total recycled content.

Six large containers can hold quite a few recycled memo samples and we can't wait to fill them up once again for the Second-Look program. Send TRI-KES back memo samples, yard samples, material from renovation projects, etc. We have boxes available for your use for material returns, simply contact us for more information. You can return samples to us by clicking here. A consistent stream of material to recycle is crucial to our ability to release even more patterns that come standard with Second-Look recycled content.


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