TRI-KES Virtual Reality App Updatedby  TRI-KES 

November 15, 2017 |

We recently launched an exciting new update to our TRI-KES VR (virtual reality) app, which now features some of our latest products being launched into the market. If you have a VR headset handy, such as Google Cardboard, then you'll be able to see our wallcoverings and fabrics truly come to life. No headset? No worries! Our new app is still fun to play around with, allowing you to take a closer look at our new wallcoverings and fabrics installed, enjoy the 360° views, and even experience teleporting from one side of the room to another, or from upstairs to downstairs. 

Visit to download the app. It is compatible with most Apple or Android phones and tablets. And check out a short preview video of our app along with some helpful tips.


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