Featuring Our Latest Exclusive Type II Wallcoveringsby  TRI-KES 

October 3, 2018 |

We recently introduced quite a few Type II vinyl wallcovering patterns into our Source One Exclusive collection, including an extra-large-scale digital mural alternative, a stenciled geometric with a coordinating silk, a string-art effect, a marquetry design, a paper-weave emboss, and a marbling look. Scroll down below to check out each of these new wallcoverings.

Designed as an extra-large-scale digital mural alternative, Astray is a screen-printed pattern that features varying weights of bold linework that crisscross to create the illusion of no repeat.

Calabria Silhouette
Calabria Silhouette features a silk base with a stenciled geometric print on top. The name Calabria is taken from the Italian city of the same name that is known for its trade of fine silks.

Calabria Silk
Calabria Silk features a silk effect with a soft horizontal that gives the illusion of a natural, multicolor silk with a subtle gradation of color.

Dreamweaver's refined linework creates an...


TRI-KES Featured in Hospitality Design Magazineby  TRI-KES 

September 26, 2018 |

Have you checked out the September issue of Hospitality Design magazine? They have a special wallcovering section that features several iconic TRI-KES brands, including a profile on our very own Stacy Garcia, our latest ad featuring Source One Exclusive's String Theory, and highlights of several of our Type II vinyl wallcovering patterns (Tower's Foiled, Source One Exclusive's Hula, Versa's Pietra). Scroll down below to view feature pages as seen in Hospitality Design, or click here to peruse the online version of the magazine.


Introducing Source One's Decadent Inks Wallcoveringby  TRI-KES 

September 19, 2018 |

Source One Specialty recently launched Decadent Inks, a series of wallcovering designs that all utilize a vintage print technique known as surface printing, which actually smears the ink on the surface to create a very dimensional, hand-applied look. Scroll down below to view each of the unique, decorative designs in this series.

Inked Birch
Inked Birch has a realistic woodgrain look.

Inked Illusion
Inked Illusion is an Art Deco inspired geometric design.

Inked Invitation
Inked Invitation features a medium-scale calligraphy pattern.


P3TEC Advanced Wall Protectionby  TRI-KES 

September 5, 2018 |

Our innovative P3TEC wallcovering has been the talk of the industry since its release a few months ago. This unique, advanced wall protection merges the best-in-class performance features of impact panels with the great look of traditional wallcoverings. As shown below, P3TEC is also extremely easy to install.

See below for visuals of all nine available patterns in the P3TEC collection. We also have corner guards available in a variety of colors for added durability.

                    In-Grained                                            Raffia Weave                                        Sahara Silk
                     Simplicity                                                   Stellar                                               Stellar Streak
                 Tic-Tac-Texture                                        Tranquility                                                   Uplift

Click here to learn more about P3TEC and how this product holds up when tested against...


On Trend Today with Lanark's Kathy Wisniski: Color Focus - Pep & Tidalby  Kathy Wisniski 

August 22, 2018 |

Inspired by the seas and the oceans, Tidal (shown in feature photo above) is a clean, yet soft, aqua-green color. Slightly retro in feel, this hue is great with a little touch of mineral sheen. Yellow with a saffron edge to it, Pep (shown below) is a spicy and happy hue. A pop of warmth that lends itself well to warm woods and whites. Seen on the runway and in contract interior showrooms, this is a new yellow for luxe spaces.View this and more on my blog at ontrendtoday.blogspot.com.