TRI-KES Continues Environmental Commitmentby  TRI-KES 

November 29, 2017 |

At TRI-KES, we are committed to diverting waste by reusing or recycling wherever possible. Most recently, we've taken 21 boxes of our company's archived documents, as well as boxes of personal documents from our individual team members here at TRI-KES, and handed them over to a data shredding company to be shredded and then sent to a paper mill to be recycled. Our ultimate goal is to continue to digitize our processes more and more every year to reduce the amount of paper we use on an annual basis, and we were happy to see we reduced the paper we needed to recycle by 18 boxes compared to last year.

Thanks to our Waste Reduction Recycle Reuse program, we are diverting more waste than ever. It's amazing how implementing a few simple and easy steps can impact the environment such as...   

~ We work with customers to recycle existing Type II vinyl wallcovering on job sites rather than sending that material to the landfill.
~ Our return sample program encourages unneeded wallcovering memo...


Return Sample Programby  TRI-KES 

August 2, 2017 |

If you happen to find yourself doing a little cleaning and organizing, you may find that you have quite a stack of wallcovering memo samples that you no longer need. If that's the case, instead of just throwing those samples in the trash, we would like to offer you a way to positively impact the environment with our return sample program. Simply click here for instructions on how to return all of your wallcovering memo samples to us free of charge.

All samples returned to TRI-KES will be reused or recycled. Thank you from all of us at TRI-KES. Together, we’re helping to set the standard for sustainable design.


TRI-KES Environmental Commitmentby  TRI-KES 

April 1, 2016 |

Several years ago, TRI-KES launched our Impact 2020 goal to have zero impact on the environment by the year 2020. This included us setting objectives and targets in areas such as digital communication, hybrid vehicles, environmental awareness, waste reduction recycle reuse, environmental labeling, web-based sales, and freight carriers environmental statements. After calculating our current results for 2015, we were thrilled to see that TRI-KES continues to improve year-over-year in every single category! Scroll down below to see what we accomplished this year to move ourselves one step closer to zero environmental impact.

Digital Communication Objective: TRI-KES digitizes internally whenever possible to reduce the use of paper.
• 2015 Result: Reduced the use of paper in the key areas identified by 57.8% or 287,513 pages.

Hybrid Vehicles Objective: Convert TRI-KES company vehicles to hybrids to help conserve natural resources and reduce air emissions. Encourage team members who are...


12 of the World's Coolest Repurposed Shipping Containersby  TRI-KES 

February 24, 2016 |

We ran across a fun article that explores some of the world's coolest repurposed shipping containers. It made us think about our own experiences. TRI-KES had a lot of fun last year designing our award-winning shipping container display to feature our wallcoverings and fabrics. We really enjoyed taking the concept even further with our Compassion Blooms initiative, where we repurposed a shipping container for medical use in South Africa. You never know where you’ll see a repurposed shipping container pop up next. We hope you enjoy the below article. 

"There was once a day when shipping containers were used exclusively to, well, ship stuff. Like TVs and Teddy Ruxpin. Somewhere along the way, though, the hip kids stopped talking to Teddy, became designers, and "re-imagined" said containers into everything from chic hotels and fancy restaurants, to food trucks and office space. (But interestingly, not into a Container Store, which would've made a lot of sense.)

Anyway, new-wave...


TRI-KES Compassion Blooms Initiativeby  TRI-KES 

November 19, 2015 |

As we near the Thanksgiving holiday, it is a reminder to stop and really appreciate how thankful we are. There are many things we might typically take for granted, such as access to plenty of food, clean drinking water, and modern medicine. Part of this reflection can create inspiration. How can we pay it forward to others? There is so much that each of us can do individually and collectively to make an impact.

We at TRI-KES certainly have a lot to be thankful for and we are proud to assist a variety of charities such as the Susan G. Komen foundation and the much underserved community of Vaalwater, Limpopo Province, South Africa. It is humbling to think that a shipping container, like what we used for our tradeshow display this year, can provide such basic human needs. We wish wellness and peace to the people of South Africa. Providing two shipping containers for a tuberculosis (TB) clinic and laboratory is the least we can do.

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