Where is the goat hair sourced? Tell me more about the goat hair.

  • Sourced in Inner Mongolia.
  • By-product of goat farming for the cashmere industry.
  • Represents pre-consumer content as the hair would normally be discarded, being too coarse to be used for cashmere cloth.
  • Incredibly durable and hard wearing, yet soft to touch and is inherently anti-static.
  • The goat hair is clipped, handpicked, sorted and then washed in a solution of mild soap. No chemicals are used and the waste water created is used to irrigate local farmland.
  • No goats are harmed.
  • They are shaved twice a year from small independent farms.
  • Interesting tid bit, it takes 1 goat to create 1 square meter or 1.1960 square yards.
  • Dyes used to create the color palette are biodegradable, contain no heavy metals and are non-toxic.

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