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You can count on TRI-KES to deliver the best service in the industry. Part of that service includes the ability to make sample requests up until 6 p.m. CST and still be guaranteed prompt delivery to meet your needs. And, once you’re finished with those samples, we go one step further and offer you a way to positively impact the environment. You can return all of your wallcovering memo samples to TRI-KES free of charge. Simply fill in your information below and click submit for UPS label. Your UPS label will be emailed to you within the same business day. After that, just print your label and attach it to your box of samples. You can give this box to a UPS driver the next time they drop by your office or you can provide it to a local UPS drop off location.

Just to keep you in the loop, all samples returned to TRI-KES will be recycled. By recycling memo samples, you’ve diverted waste and helped contribute to creating new wallcovering. Something to think about the next time you specify a TRI-KES wallcovering that contains recycled content. Thank you from all of us at TRI-KES. Together, we’re helping to set the standard for sustainable design.

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