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what is considered a good file?

If you have your own artwork or photography, please review the following guidelines. After all, your installed masterpiece is only as good as the original file and we want to make sure you look your best.

Original Artwork

If you have your own, full-scale artwork, please upload it through ShareFile in one of the following formats.
- Adobe Photoshop (uncompressed TIFF or JPEG at the maximum resolution)
- Adobe Illustrator (AI or EPS ~ vector files allow greater flexibility in scaling large dimensions; Make sure to send the file in layers.)
- Adobe Acrobat (PDFs for mixed raster & vector)

Original Photography

Whenever possible, submitting original photographs shot in RAW format using a digital SLR camera will get you the best results.

Please note a release form will need to be signed for original artwork or photography. Access TRI-KES' release form here.

Scanned Photographs or Artwork

If you are scanning a photograph or piece of art, make sure it is scanned at high resolution (see DPI requirements below) or send the original photo or piece of artwork to us and we'll scan it for you.

Tid Bits...
- When purchasing stock images, always select the largest and best quality image available.
- Please provide a low-resolution JPG or PDF of your original artwork or photograph for preview purposes.
- Ideal resolution should be 200 DPI for larger, full scale images and 300 DPI for smaller images.
- A two-inch bleed will be added to all sides to allow for any deviations and/or slightly varying dimensions. This bleed is an extension of the image, beyond the trim lines.


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