simple process

 Step 1 - Share Your Vision

Two quick questions (see below). Once we have your answers, we're ready to get started.

A. Do you already have artwork or photography?
Your design can involve:
- traditional photography
- digital photography
- scanned images
- original illustrations
- manipulated images created in graphics software

If you simply have an idea in mind, what do you want your space to look like?  
Our design team can create original art or quickly provide stock photography options.

B. What are your dimensions?
Knowing your specific dimensions of your space will ensure success for all. We welcome you to provide elevations for your project and then we can in turn insert your design right into your file, allowing you to truly see the final result.

* It is very important the proper license agreement is in place to ensure the use of the image does not infringe any copyright, moral right, trademark or other intellectual property right or violate any right of privacy or publicity. There are many royalty-free images available or we can create original images for you. Either way, we want to give you peace of mind to enjoy the beautiful space you created.

 Step 2 - Let's Get to Work

This is where we perfect your design. We’ll provide a comp, sometimes called a proof, or series of comps to review until we get it right.  

 Step 3 - It's all about the Submittal

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We’ll make sure you have all the necessary details to specify your masterpiece. Before you know it, your digital installation will be complete, transforming your space.


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Remember, existing wallcovering on jobs may be recycled and eligible for MR 2. learn more


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