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As a part of our Impact 2020 goal, we are proud to announce that TRI-KES is officially the first, and currently the only, company in the architecture and interior design industry to partner with UPS to analyze its carbon footprint and implement a carbon neutral shipping program. UPS’ carbon neutral solution allows us to calculate and offset the climate impact of the carbon dioxide emissions that result from shipping out product samples. In fact, we expect to ship 31,000 carbon neutral sample shipments in the first year of this program.

How does all this carbon offsetting work, you might ask? 

Well it's really quite a simple process. You, our customer, request product samples
directly from TRI-KES, we ship your package to you promptly
to meet your needs, UPS calculates the carbon footprint of that package
and then carbon offsets are purchased on behalf of TRI-KES. And both
the calculation of the carbon footprint and the purchase of the carbon
offsets are certified by third-party verification and certification organizations
to ensure the validity of this program. 

All of the carbon offsets purchased by TRI-KES financially support a variety of environmentally responsible projects, including reforestation, wastewater treatment, methane destruction and landfill gas destruction. So by ordering samples through TRI-KES, you are helping to support emissions reduction projects, such as the Garcia River Forestry and the Fujian Landfill Gas projects.

We at TRI-KES have always been passionately committed to making a difference whether that’s philanthropically or environmentally. 2011 was a significant year for TRI-KES in terms of sustainability. We launched our Impact 2020 goal to have zero impact on the environment by the year 2020. We implemented an ISO 14001 standard system to manage this program, which follows strict guidelines that are third party certifiable. Carbon neutral shipping for all of our sample shipments is a natural piece of our Impact 2020 goal, but only just part of the solution. Other programs we have initiated so far to reach our zero environmental impact goal include:

Digital Communication

Objective: TRI-KES digitizes internally whenever possible to reduce the use of paper.

2018 Target: Reduce the use of paper by an additional 2% or 5,200 pages.


Hybrid Vehicles

Objective: Convert TRI-KES company vehicles to hybrids to help conserve natural resources and reduce air emissions. Encourage team members who are paid car allowances to convert to hybrid vehicles by offering a $1,500 incentive.

2018 Target: Convert all new company vehicles to hybrids and encourage team members who are paid a car allowance to convert to a hybrid by offering a $1,500 hybrid purchase credit.


Environmental Awareness

Objective: TRI-KES proactively presents environmental product information for all of our products in all of our communication with our customers.

2018 Target: Increase our environmental communication by an additional 0.5%.


Waste Reduction Recycle Reuse

Objective: TRI-KES diverts waste by reusing or recycling wherever possible in our facility and elsewhere. For example, we work with our customers to recycle existing vinyl wallcovering on job sites rather than sending that material to the landfill. Also, all wallcovering memo samples can be returned to TRI-KES free of charge to be recycled. Recycling this material helps to contribute to LEED MR Credit 2: Construction Waste Management.

2018 Target: Maintain the amount of waste from our facility to the landfill while increasing sales. Increase sample returns from customers to average 1.0 per day. Reduce sampling footprint by weight measure.


Environmental Labeling

Objective: We have implemented an environmental labeling system, which involves a list sent out with every sample that details the environmental attributes of that product. As part of our Environmental Labeling program, TRI-KES will mark all sample containers that leave our warehouse with a carbon neutral logo, providing you peace of mind that all of the samples you receive truly are shipped carbon neutral.

2018 Target: Continue to ensure 100% of samples sent from TRI-KES’ facility contain environmental labeling. 


Web-based Sales

Objective: With a few simple clicks, customers can review and order samples online on our website.

2017 Target: Continue to add 100% of products introduced to the website and continue to increase website traffic by 5%.


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